Marcy Lauck

Marcy joined the Education for the Future staff as an Associate in 1996. As a "loaned executive" in a unique partnership between Education for the Future and San Jose Unified School District, California's 12th largest district, Marcy has helped San Jose Unified School District chart a focused course of strategic institutional change. San Jose's goals to improve student achievement and establish a data-based, quality management process at all levels of the organization have been well matched by Education for the Future's resources and Marcy's expertise.

Marcy is passionate about developing powerful, effective learning communities. She works closely with the district's 44 schools in continuous improvement processes, the successful use of data analysis to drive system-wide change and the development of vibrant school/community/industry partnerships. As San Jose Unified School District schools focus on student achievement, assess their progress and document their successes, Marcy also helps them prepare for such widely recognized award programs as California Distinguished School and the National Blue Ribbon. In the past four years, 11 San Jose Unified School District schools have been named as California Distinguished Schools and 7 as National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence. The recognition of educational excellence that is the basis of these premier state and national awards, strongly validates Marcy's work in San Jose Unified School District's continuous improvement efforts.

In addition to her work with San Jose Unified School District and as part of her keen interest in educational equity and Native American culture, Marcy has extended her Education for the Future role in the past years to work with the Arizona Tribal Coalition of Schools and the National Science Foundation's Arizona Rural Systemic Initiative. The rich contrast between large urban and small rural schools and the unique challenges each faces in helping their students succeed continually delights her!

Marcy lives in San Jose with her husband of 30 years and their two daughters.